Explosions wound dozens near protests in Bangkok

A series of blasts were detonated Thursday near a massive encampment of anti-government protesters in Bangkok, wounding as many as 28 people and sending passengers running from the station, according to witnesses and local media.
The cause of the blasts, in the heart of the Thai capital's business district, was not immediately known. The area has seen Red Shirt protesters, who are demanding Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva resign, and troops face off over the past several days.
More recently, a rival mob has rallied in the area, occasionally hurling stones and insults at the Red Shirts, creating a volatile mix. Several of the blasts near where the rivals have gathered.
Previously, explosions at the site have been from fireworks.
The TPBS television network reported a total of 28 people wounded, including three foreigners. Associated Press reporters saw at least four people injured after four blasts, two with serious wounds who were not moving.