Farrow testifies Campbell was sent 'huge diamond' by Taylor

Actress Mia Farrow testified affirmatively Monday that Naomi Campbell was sent a "huge diamond" by former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor, who is on trial for war crimes, contradicting evidence given by Campbell last week in the ongoing trial.
The prosecution called Farrow and Campbell's former agent Carole White to testify about a gift of uncut diamonds the former Liberian president allegedly gave the model at a September 1997 party hosted by Nelson Mandela.
Campbell told the court on Friday she was given several small stones by unknown men during the night, but she hadn't known they were diamonds nor who had sent them.
If Farrow's account is true, it would dent Taylor's denials of any involvement with the trade in illicit diamonds.
The prosecution claims Taylor traded guns to rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone in exchange for uncut diamonds — known as "blood diamonds" for their role in financing conflicts — during the country's 1992-2002 civil war, which left more than 100,000 dead.