Fatah encouraging 'unarmed resistance' against Israel

Mohamed Shtayyeh, a former Palestinian Authority minister and top Fatah official, declared over the weekend that the PA leadership would step up its encouragement of "popular, unarmed resistance" against Israel while pursuing its commitment to achieve peace.
His declaration came amid growing talk about the possibility that the Palestinians were close to launching a third intifada.
"Without increasing the cost of the occupation to the Israelis, they will not be in a position to withdraw," Shtayyeh told guests at a Christmas dinner in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem.
Shtayyeh, who previously served as member of the PA negotiating team with Israel, said that Fatah was headed toward ending its dispute with Hamas.
"We are going into the direction of reconciliation. For the first time, I myself, I feel hopeful that this is going to be possible," he said.