Former IDF chief Ashkenazi: Harpaz report exonerates me

Former IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi welcomed Sunday's publication of a state Comptroller report on the "Harpaz Affair," saying he is pleased that after over two years of investigations and hundreds of witnesses the serious charges against him were dismissed by the report.
In a statement, Ashkenazi claimed that the report determined that "there was no putsch by the Chief of Staff or his associates against the political establishment," and hailed the report for clearing him of involvement in the process of Yoav Galant's appointment and the subsequent cancellation of the appointment.
Ashkenazi also said he “regrets the criticism being directed at [his former aide Erez] Viner, a principled and distinguished officer who devoted years of his life to the service of the state of Israel, who was required to carry out his job as aide to the Chief of Staff during a time of difficult and murky relations with the Defense Ministry.”