Former senators ask Obama to free Pollard

The United States will likely increase sanctions on Iran following the release of an incriminating UN nuclear agency report, a US official said Tuesday.
The US may look into additional Iranian commercial banks and front companies to sanction, adding that sanctioning the Iranian Central Bank is not currently "on the table."
In a display of bi-partisanship, a group of 18 former United States Senators recently wrote to President Obama and urged him to commute Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard’s sentence to the nearly 26 years of his life sentence that he has served.
The first ever letter on Pollard's behalf from a group of senators, it includes endorsements from senators who opposed Pollard’s release in the past but now support an immediate commutation of his sentence.
The senators told Obama that commuting Pollard's sentence would be "a wholly appropriate exercise of your power of clemency – as well as a matter of basic compassion and American justice."
“We do not condone espionage, nor do we underestimate the gravity of Pollard’s crime,” the senators wrote Obama.  “But it is patently clear that Mr. Pollard’s sentence is severely disproportionate and (as several federal judges have noted) a gross miscarriage of justice.”
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