Four Labor 'rebels' announce they will stay in party

Labor MK Amir Peretz on Tuesday announced he and the three other Labor MKs who considered leaving the party have decided that they will stay and negotiate with the remaining party's MKs to "see if we can continue together."
Speaking at a press conference a day after Defense Minister Ehud Barak split from Labor and the party quit the government, Peretz called Barak an "opportunist" who "ridicules" Israel.
He also praised MKs Ghaleb Majadle, Daniel Ben-Simon, and Eitan Cabel, saying "they stood strong with me" and "we four exemplify what Israel needs - a cooperation between Arabs and Jews, a commitment to democracy...we stood under pressure and showed it is possible to conduct things differently here.
"We need to give people who say they repented a chance to prove that their penitence is real. We won't let the opportunist Barak take Ben-Gurion's name in vain," Peretz said. "We could have decided to leave today. We instead decided to give the Labor faction another chance. We did not negotiate with other parties, including Kadima. We will talk to the other four MKs. We will insist on changing Labor's constitution. We are giving a chance to go together."