French court convicts Israeli doctor of slandering al-Durra

A French court on Friday convicted Israeli Dr. David Yehuda of slandering the father of Muhammad al-Durra, Jamal.
Then-twelve-year-old Muhammad al-Durra became a symbol of the second Intifada when he was shot to death in September 2000. Television station FRANCE 2 showed footage of al-Durra and his father seeking cover while caught in a crossfire between IDF soldiers and Palestinians in Gaza. The FRANCE 2 report controversially reported that the two had been targeted by the IDF. Muhammad al-Durra was hailed as a martyr throughout the Arab world. The accuracy of the FRANCE 2 report was widely debated in the following years.
Dr. David Yehuda said in an interview to a French Jewish publication that Jamal al-Durra, who he had operated on at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer in 1994, had sustained a hand injury in 1992 that he claimed came as the result of IDF fire in the September 2000 episode. Al-Durra then filed a lawsuit against Yehuda claiming he broke the laws of doctor-patient confidentiality and slandered him in the interview.
On Friday, Yehuda was ordered by the court to pay al-Durra NIS 30,000 reparations.