Friedman to PM: Don't be the Mubarak of the peace process

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman appealed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "not to be the Hosni Mubarak of the peace process."
Mubarak tried to democratize Egypt in six days after wasting decades during which he could have slowly democratized and reformed Egypt, Friedman explained during a panel discussion at the Saban Forum aired no Channel 2's Meet the Press Saturday.
Saying "there is a decent Palestinian partner" for Israel to work with, Friedman said to Netanyahu: "Do not try and do in six days in 'Intifada three'" what can be done now. Jerusalem should take the initiative while it is in a position of power, he added, explaining, "Israel has weak neighbors right now; it still has the US on its side."
Also appearing on the program, former US ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk urged Israel not to be satisfied with the status quo. "If the Israelis believe that the status quo 'is a beach' and that it can go on forever, then they really have their heads in the sand," he said.
Echoing Friedman, he added that "Israel can afford to take some risks" in order to test the sincerity of the Palestinians.
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