Gaddafi calls UN resolution 'blatant colonialism'

CAIRO - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said there was no justification for a UN resolution aimed at ending violence in Libya and called it "blatant colonialism", al Jazeera reported on Saturday.
Al Jazeera said the remarks were made after Libya's response to the UN resolution was given by Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa on Friday but it was not immediately clear where he made the comments, which were aired by the television channel.
"This is blatant colonialism. It does not have any justification. This will have serious consequences on the Mediterranean and on Europe," he said.
"There must be safe air or sea navigation whatever the case. In 2011 they are colonizing us, massacring us, and imposing one no-fly zone after the other and one military attack after an other. What is this racism? What is this hatred?"