Gaddafi son: Palestinian prisoners freed for Israeli

TRIPOLI, Libya — The son of Libya's leader said Thursday that part of a deal to free a jailed Israeli photographer Rafi Hadad involved the release of Palestinian security prisoners held by Israel.
Seif al-Islam Gaddafi told reporters that the Israeli-Tunisian dual national was not a spy and corroborated the man's story that he was in the country to photograph heritage sites connected to Libya's vanished Jewish community.
"This person was naive ... he is not a spy and I made use of this issue in favor of our Palestinian brothers in Gaza," he said. "Palestinian prisoners were released in exchange for releasing the Israeli."
Gadhafi would not say how many Palestinians were released for Hadad, who was freed Sunday after five months in jail.
Libya bans Israelis from entering the country, though Hadad was traveling on his Tunisian passport at the time of his arrest.