Gal-On: Change law to protect journalists like Blau

Meretz party leader MK Zehava Gal-On on Wednesday proposed a new bill to fix what she views as undue constraints that current Israeli law imposes on journalists from uncovering illegalities and corruption in government.
According to Gal-On, the current law pits the journalistic ethical requirement of exposing and reporting to the public illegality and corruption, with overly broad laws with the purpose of protecting national security secrets and documents from being divulged.
Gal-On did not quarrel with the law protecting actual national security secrets and characterizing and punishing one who reveals such secrets as a spy.
Rather, she said that the law should distinguish between cases where valid national security interests are being protected and where illegalities and corruption are being covered up and shielded from the public under the guise of "national security."
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