Gal-On: Monopolies enjoying themselves at public's expense

Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On Thursday accused "large government monopolies" of enjoying themselves at the public's expense, because "they control the elected officials."
"The State Comptroller's report reveals to what extend the electricity company, the largest government monopoly in the country, stole over five billion shekels of public money in order to inflate its employees salaries and pensions, and to pamper them with a range of expensive benefits," she stated.
She opined that the main reason "the leaders of this great monopoly allow themselves to act like bullies who have immunity from the law, is because they control the politicians."
"The large unions control party leaders," she asserted, adding that the Labor party leadership "sees this shame and are silent."  
Gal-On looked to the upcoming elections as an "opportunity to end this... to cut the close relationship between the Israeli government an the unions."
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