Gantz: We acted appropriately in response to rocket attacks

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.- Gen. Benny Gantz said Tuesday that the IDF acted appropriately with regards to the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip.
Speaking via video feed from an Iron Dome battery protecting Ashdod, to a gala hosted by the Friends of the IDF, Gantz said that "we came under fire after we assassinated [Popular Resistance Committees leader Zuheir al-] Qaisi, but we acted appropriately in recent days and we will act similarly in the future."
Referencing a rocket that struck the Israeli town of Netivot on Tuesday, injuring and causing 11 to suffer from shock, Gantz said that "if the fire continues, we will respond as we did before. We managed to kill 22 terrorists in recent days, and as of now the terrorists have been decimated."