Germany's Westerwelle condemns 'hate video,' embassy attack

BERLIN - Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said on Friday he understood the outrage in the Islamic world over a video film that insults the Muslim Prophet Mohammad but said it was no excuse for violence.
Earlier, Sudanese demonstrators broke into the German embassy in Khartoum, raising an Islamic flag and setting the building on fire in a protest against the US-made film.
"I condemn this disgraceful video, but it is no justification for violence, it is no justification for storming embassies, it is no justification for endangering human lives or killing people," Westerwelle said in a televised statement delivered in both German and English.
He described the film as an "anti-Islamic hate video" that was offensive to millions of believers. Westerwelle added that staff at the German embassy in Khartoum were safe.