Gisha launches game to show Palestinian travel restrictions

"Safe Passage" the first computer game of its kind in Israel was released Tuesday by Gisha - Legal Center for Freedom of Movement.
The game allows the user to experience interactively the restrictions on movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank through innovative use of animation, flash documents, video clips and a blog. The game includes an archive of dozens of legal documents that shed light on military legislation and legal rulings since the 1990s, when Israel began imposing increasing restrictions on movement between the two areas.
Users can play the role of one of three characters– a student, a businessman and a family man – trying to reach their chosen destinations.
According to the animator, Gilad Baker: "We faced a challenge – how to make military documents accessible to the public. Our solution was to integrate them into the personal stories of real people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, to help people understand the policy".