Golani to resume training without live-fire urban warfare exercises

Golani to resume trainin

Starting on Wednesday, the Golani Brigade will recommence training, but without live-fire urban warfare exercises, the IDF announced Tuesday. Life-fire exercises will only be authorized once the investigation into Monday's accident in which IDF soldier Mor Cohen was shot in the head by a bullet and killed is concluded. The accident took place during a live-fire exercise in an urban warfare center on the Golan Heights. According to the preliminary investigation, a bullet penetrated one of the concrete walls inside the facility. The IDF posthumously promoted Cohen to the rank of corporal. Cohen's was laid to rest at the Afula military cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. At the funeral, Cohen's mother Ricky spoke of how her son always lent a helping hand to his family adding, "I am and have always been proud of Mor. For me he is a hero, and he always made me happy."