Govt. committee to end wildcat spelling of place names

Say good-bye to highway signs leading to NatBag (Ben-Gurion Airport). The cabinet on Sunday appointed a ministerial committee to approve a uniform formula for spelling the names of communities, interchanges, junctions and historic sites around the country. 
Once approved, the uniform formula will appear on all maps, road signs, textbooks and guidebooks, putting an end to one road sign reading Caesaria, another Caesarea and a third Queysaria.
The reason for efforts to bring about uniformity, according to a statement put out after the cabinet meeting, is to "make it easier to read maps and signs." 
The new spelling rules, according to the statement, will apply to transliterating from Hebrew to Latin letters, from Hebrew to Arabic, and from Arabic to Latin letters. Once the standardized spelling are approved by the ministerial committee, all bodies and authorities in the county will be required to adopt them.
The committee will be headed by Minister Bennie Begin.