Grandmother kidnaps kids to the West Bank in bid to pressure her daughter

Be’ersheba police on Monday night managed to return three kids to their mother within Israel after they were taken to the West Bank by their grandmother earlier in the day, Negev Police said Tuesday.
According to police, the woman arrived at the Be’ersheba police station in tears saying that her mother took her three children aged three, four, and five by force from her house and took off to the West Bank, where she gave them to her estranged husband. The woman told police that her mother took the kids in a bid to convince her to return to her husband, police said.
She said that her mother originally tried to convince her to give her the children willingly only using force when she denied her request.
Officers from the Be’ersheba subdistrict managed to call the father and convince him to turn over the children, police said, adding that later Monday night the childrens’ uncle arrived at a West Bank checkpoint with the children, where he handed them over to police.
They have since been reunited with their mother, police said.