Group gives tree saplings with shekels ahead of Tu B'shvat

A group called "Youth For Jerusalem" is taking an inspired twist on the Tu B'shvat holiday, which falls on Thursday, by handing out tree saplings decorated with shekels and agorot near the promenade in Arnon Hanatziv.
The "money trees" are "for the sake of sane housing prices - because money doesn't grow on trees!" according to a slogan on the bottom of the tree.
The group joins a long list of organizations, including Awakening Jerusalem, New Spirit, Bimkom, and others, advocating for affordable housing for young people and students in the country's capital, a city which has the same housing prices and much less economic opportunity as Tel Aviv.
Youth For Jerusalem advocates for additional housing to be built in the ring neighborhoods like Gilo and Pisgat Zeev, which will reduce the demand that drives housing prices sky-high.