Hamas: Retaliation for Mabhouh’s death may occur abroad

Israel“broke the rules of the game” by allegedly carrying out an attack against Hamasoperative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the UAE, Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Al-Zahar reportedlysaid in a Gaza press conference on Saturday.

IsraelRadio quoted Zahar as saying that until now, Hamas had limited its struggled tothe Palestinian territories and the Green Line. If wishes to transfer theconflict to the international arena, there will be repercussions, Zahar wasquoted by the radio station as saying.

Thespokesman added that Hamas was now considering different retaliatory courses ofaction, among them the possibility of an attack against Israeli targets abroad.He stressed that the organization was fully capable of carrying out suchattacks, even though it had so far not chosen to do so.