Haredim cancel boycott against Electra after MOU

Israeli real estate firm Electra on Monday submitted a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to the haredi court in Bnei Brak, promising to "act with respect and care in the futre" regarding Israeli graves, according to Army Radio.
The haredi community accepted Electra's move and the boycott against the company was canceled.
The boycott came in response to the Andromeda Hill building project inaugurated by Electra last year in Jaffa. Haredi protesters filled nearby streets, demonstrating against what they called the "horrific Holocaust carried out by the evil Electra which desecrates and destroys the graves of Israel."
Electra rushed to cancel its contract with an American company also involved in the building project, in order to shake off its tarnished image, but it was to no avail until Monday's MOU, Army Radio reported.