Hasson says Netanyahu lied in accusations against him

Chairman of the State Control Committee, Yoel Hasson, reacted Sunday to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's claims that Hasson spent a year-and-a-half abroad, saying, "In the last two years I was abroad 66 days, not two years, as according to Netanyahu's lies," Army Radio reported. This suggests more than anything the prime ministers inability to distinguish between criminal law, what he's done, and what others have done."
Last Thursday, Hasson decided to expand State Comptoller Micha Lindenstrauss' authority in order to investigate the 'Bibitours' affair in which the prime minister is accused of utilizing donations from wealthy associates to fund plush trips for himself and his family members abroad.
Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin, meanwhile said from New Zealand that the the State Control Committee chairman should grant the request coming from a majority of committee members to initiate an investigation into all trips abroad taken by Knesset members and ministers. "It can't be that the minority will overrule majority opinion," Rivlin said.
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