Henin: Two new cellular companies will hurt environment

MK Dov Henin (Hadash), chairman of the Health and Environment Committee, sent a letter to Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon detailing the environmental and health ramifications of the ministry’s decision to award tenders to two new wireless frequency bands – Mirs Communications and 018 Xfone Communications, the MK announced on Tuesday night.
In his letter, Henin warned that “the approval of two additional cellular phone companies is likely to become a consumer blessing, but is also liable to be an environmental and health threat” – as it will undoubtedly cause an increase in the number of antenna towers.
“I found it suitable to turn to you in requesting an act that will force existing cellular companies to permit the new companies to use the existing platforms that are already under their authority,” he continued in the letter. “This act might not reduce the level of existing exposure of the Israel public to cellular antennas, but it is likely to prevent a worsening of the situation.”