High Court blasts state for taking 3 years on section of W. Bank barrier

High Court blasts state

The High Court of Justice on Tuesday blasted the state for taking three years to build a new section of the security barrier near the West Bank settlement of Tzofin to replace the one already built because it unfairly placed 1,000 dunams of Palestinian farmland on the "Israeli" side of the fence. In 2006, the court ruled that the army had planned the original route in accordance with the boundaries an unapproved outline plan for a new neighborhood in Tzofin. It ordered the state to tear down the barrier, which had already been built, as soon as possible. The ruling came in response to a contempt of court petition filed by the Center for the Defense of the Individual in which the court wrote, "It took three years for the state to carry out the ruling. This conduct is unacceptable."