IDF officer arrested for allegedly spying for Hizbullah

A non-commissioned IDF officer has been arrested for allegedly spying for Hizbullah. According to the suspicions, the NCO, who has served in the military for over a decade, passed on information regarding the military’s deployment along the northern border as well as several “soft points," or places along the border that are not well-guarded by the IDF.
The suspect, a resident of northern Israel, was arrested several weeks ago in a joint Israel Police and Military Police investigation. Five other Israeli civilians have been arrested in the affair and another two are currently at large.
A senior Military Police officer said Wednesday that the NCO was contacted by a group of Israeli criminals known to police for their past involvement in drug-related crimes. The group asked the NCO to provide them with details regarding the IDF’s deployment along the border with Lebanon, from where they received the drugs that they smuggled into Israel.