IDF spokesman Benayahu 'questioned 3 - 4 times

Senior IDF officers will be called to the police interrogation room in the near future as part of the "Galant document" investigation, a former senior police investigator told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday.
On Friday evening, Channel One news reported that IDF spokesman Avi Benayahu was questioned on three to four occasions by the National Serious and International Crimes (NSCIC) Unit last week over theaffair.
Police have refused to confirm or deny the Channel One report, saying that a media blackout has been imposed on all details of the investigation due to its sensitivity.
"They [the police] are walking on a tightrope. They have to question senior army officers, and have the officers take a polygraph test. This is humiliating [for the IDF officers]. If a media report surfaced saying that a senior army official was questioned, it could finish the officer's career in the army, regardless of what he did or didn't do. Hence, the police have to maintain the blackout," former National Fraud Unit senior investigator, Dep.-Cmdr. (ret.) Boaz Guttman, said.