In phone call, Livni welcomes Abbas's criticism of Mashaal

Tzipi Livni welcomed Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas's criticism of Hamas leader Kaled Mashaal's refusal to recognize the state of Israel, during a telephone conversation on Thursday morning.
Shortly after Turkish media reported on Abbas's comments in Ankara, the Tzipi Livni Party leader spoke with Abbas and said "it is important that the public will hear message like this, and not lose hope in an agreement."
Abbas made it clear to Livni that in any discussion of reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, he will demand that Hamas accepts the idea of a two-state solution and its achievement through negotiations and without violence,
Livni's spokesman said that she continues to emphasizes that the only way to reach a diplomatic solution in through direct negotiations between the parties rather than unilateral steps such as the Palestinian statehood bid at the United National General Assembly last month.