Iran FM on Koran burning: Heinous, insulting, sacrilegious

The world should "respond firmly" to the US Koran burning said Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Sunday, PressTV reported.
"The stance of the Muslim world, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, is transparent: Condemnation of this heinous, insulting and sacrilegious act by whomever perpetuated it," Mottaki said at a press conference with Malawian Foreign Minister Etta Banda.
Iran holds US officials responsible for not upholding laws to protect the honor of all religions, added Motaki.
The Iranian official said that Teheran had advised foreign diplomats in the country to address the incident with their governments in advance and formulate a firm response.
"We clearly see the hands of the Zionists behind all threats and provocative moves [aimed to strain relations] between the believers of various faiths. This is exactly the sort of extremist move that seeks to realize their objectives through creating religious discord," Mottaki said.