Iranian official: Peace talks meant to 'show-off'

The peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians initiated by the US were for "show-off" and were "ineffective" said Kazem Jalali, Spokesman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran's Parliament (Majlis) on Sunday, according to a PressTV report.
"The meeting showed that, as predicted, it was of a pose and had link with the upcoming US elections," said the Iranian lawmaker. "I believe the current measures by the US president have a direct link with the upcoming vote." Jalali said that US President Barack Obama is trying to help US Democrats in the upcoming elections in November.
As part of Obama's efforts to secure a democratic win in the elections, the Iranian official cited sanctions imposed on Iran, the withdrawal of US combat forces from Iraq and the current peace talks between Isael and the Palestinians.
"Democrats know that the Washington direct talks will bear no fruit," said Jalali.
"Obama has called on the Zionist regime (Israel) to stop settlement activities but his request was denied by Israel's right-wing extremists," he added.