Israel denies charge J'lem disrupting Jordan energy program

Israeli government sources on Wednesday  dismissed allegations by Jordan's King Abdullah II that Israel interfered with Jordan's civilian nuclear program, saying  they did not know why Amman's  program was not progressing, "but it certainly has nothing to do with imaginary Israeli opposition."
Abdullah, in an interview with AFP, said Jordon sought to cooperate with other countries to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but Israel pressured those countries not to comply.
"A Jordanian delegation would approach a potential partner, and one week later an Israeli delegation would be there, asking our interlocutors not to support Jordan's nuclear energy bid," AFP quoted Abdullah as saying.
Israeli government sources, however, disputed this saying that Israel never objected to Jordanian civilian nuclear program as long as it was to be supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency and governed by the regulations of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Jordan has signed.