Israel Health Ministry: Abu Ein died of 'serious heart disease' combined with stress

In an autopsy of the body of Palestinian Authority minister Ziad Abu Ein at the pathological institute in Abu Dis in the West Bank – in which Israeli pathologists participated, a preliminary report found the cause of death was a heart attack and previous heart disease coupled with stress, Israel's Health Ministry said on Thursday.
The senior PA official died soon after a confrontation with Israel Defense Forces in the West Bank on Wednesday.
The Health Ministry in Jerusalem said that Dr. Chen Kugel, head of the Forensic Institute at Abu Kabir, and Dr. Mia Forman participated in the autopsy along with Palestinian and Jordanian pathologists. The death of the 55-year-old PA minister was caused by the “blockage of the main coronary arteries that delivery oxygenated blood to the heart muscle caused by hemorrhaging under the plaque layer. The change in the layer (bleeding) can be caused by stress,” the ministry said.
“There were signs of minor hemorrhaging in the muscles and of local pressure on the neck,” it continued. “The deceased suffered from ischemic heart disease, and in his coronary arteries, there were layers of plaque that blocked more than 80 percent of the vessels. There were also old scars that showed the deceased suffered from coronary blockages in the past.” The ministry said his fragile heart condition caused him to be more sensitive to stress, the report said.
There were signs of the performance of resuscitation as well. “One must wait for the report on the medical treatment he received to determine more solid conclusions in the matter.
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