Israeli population reaches 7.6 million individuals

As the Jewish New Year 5771 approaches, Israel's population continues to grow, according to Central Bureau of Statistics data released on Monday. The population now stands at 7,645,000 people, continuing to grow at a steady rate of 1.8 percent per year for the seventh year in a row.
Jews number some 5,770,000, or 75.5 % of the population; Arabs total 20.3%, or 1,559,100 people. The remainder, 4.2%, are classified as "other," and are mostly immigrants from the former Soviet Union who are not registered by the Interior Ministry as Jews.
The CBS  statistics show that Israel is still a fairly young nation, with nearly 28% of the people under the age of 14, compared to 17% in most Western countries. Only 10% of Israelis are older than 65, whereas in other Western countries the average is closer to 15%.