Israeli reportedly in Ukraine jail after stabbing in Uman

An Israeli citizen was in police custody on Saturday in Uman, Ukraine after he reportedly stabbed a Ukranian citizen in the Jewish quarter of the city Friday night.
Reports of what led to the stabbing are conflicting and still unclear, but a number of witnesses said the Israeli man was drunk and that the altercation broke out after the Ukranian man was allegedly caught stealing from Jewish tourists who came to Uman for the annual Rosh Hashana pilgrimage.
Ukranian police said the local man was stabbed in the stomach and taken to a local hospital in serious condition.
The police added that two Ukranian policemen were injured in a mass altercation with hundreds of pilgrims that broke out after they came to arrest the man. One witness said the Israeli man attacked the police during his arrest and that the moment police put their hands on the man the crowd began fighting with police to prevent him from being taken into custody.