Israel's lawyers give up campaign to oust Judge Alshich

The Israel Bar Association on Sunday ended its efforts to oust Tel Aviv Judge Varda Alshich of with a press release to its members reporting glumly that its campaign had reached a dead-end.
The disciplinary body of judges had found on May 31 that Judge Alshich had altered the transcript of a court hearing in over 30 places sending the legal community into a frenzied campaign to have her expelled om her position.
The press release mentioned that Supreme Court President Asher Grunis had held on July 30 that the disciplinary body's censor was sufficient.
But the real end to the campaign appeared to come in recent days when Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman supported Justice Grunis' position despite two meetings with the Bar Association's representatives were they made her case for Judge Alshich to be fired.
The Bar Association said that while it knew that some members would be diss appointed that it was not continuing the fight, it effectively acknowledged that the options were not limited for continuing the campaign, but that it remained proud that it had fought hard for the principle that judge's could not change transcripts at their whim.
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