Jazeera reporter held in Syria says she heard beatings

DUBAI - An al Jazeera journalist who was detained in Syria three weeks ago and sent to Iran, said after being released and flown to Qatar on Wednesday that she could hear beatings "almost around the clock" in her Syrian jail.
Al Jazeera had sent Dorothy Parvaz, 39, to the Syrian capital Damascus to cover a wave of protests against the 41-year rule of President Bashar Assad and his family. She went missing on arrival and was detained in Syria and then in Iran.
"The beatings I heard almost around the clock were savage ... I heard two separate interrogations and beatings ... young men ... being beaten so harshly," Parvaz told Al Jazeera of her time in detention in Syria.
"I don't know what kind of answers they were expecting from these young men but all they got was 'wallahi' (swear to God) 'wallahi' or just ... 'no, no' or 'please stop' in Arabic."