Jewish Agency honors Diaspora Jews killed in terror attacks

The Jewish Agency for Israel held a special Remembrance Day ceremony Monday in Jerusalem to honor the memory of Diaspora Jews murdered in terrorist and anti-Semitic attacks abroad, as well as Jewish Agency emissaries killed while serving abroad.
Lighting this year’s torch in memory of the fallen was Jean Goldie Orta, daughter of the late Norma Rabinowich, who was murdered in the terror attack on the Chabad House in Mumbai in November 2008.
“Both we and our enemies know that our strength comes from the Israel Defense Forces - and from the entire Jewish people who identify with the State of Israel,” said Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky at the ceremony. “In the war against the State of Israel and the Jewish People there are no boundaries. Our enemies attack us not just in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but in Argentina, France, Britain and Mumbai.”
In all, some 200 Diaspora Jews have been murdered in anti-Semitic attacks abroad since Israel's establishment.