J'lem: Protesters to set up 'impenetrable wall' of tents

Tent protesters in Jerusalem demonstrating against the high cost of apartments across the country will use their tents to create an "impenetrable wall" at the entrance to the Knesset on Monday morning, representing the reluctance of the government to address the housing struggle and soaring rent prices, said Merav Cohen, a City Council member for the Jerusalem Awakening Party, on Sunday morning.
Demonstrators hope to set up the "wall of tents" next to the entrance to the Knesset, preventing Knesset members from attending a vote on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's National Housing Committee law that is scheduled to take place on Monday morning.
The demonstrators will leave Kikar Tzahal next to the Old City Walls - where they have been camped out for nearly a week - and march to the Rose Garden opposite the Knesset, where they will spend the night ahead of Monday's vote.
Among other things, the demonstrators are calling for the National Housing Committee law to be canceled, claiming it will not reduce housing prices, and encouraging housing for young couples who work, and increasing the ability of residents in public housing projects to buy their flats at a large discount.