Jordan monarch urges Islamists to end poll boycott

AMMAN - Jordan's King Abdullah on Tuesday called on the country's Islamist opposition to end a boycott of forthcoming parliamentary elections he said would usher in a new era of political reforms.
In an address to a large gathering of opposition and tribal figures at the royal palace, the monarch said the opposition could achieve a wider say in the running of the country by participating in parliamentary elections due on January 23.
"My message to you and to all the political forces if you want to change Jordan for the better, there is an opportunity through the coming elections and through the new parliament," the monarch told an audience of several thousand people from across the political spectrum.
"The door is open to everyone, including the opposition to be in the coming parliament," he told guests who included leaders of the Islamic Action Front (IAF), the political wing of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, and the country's most effective opposition.