Kadima bill calls for cancellation of 2012 budget

Amidst nationwide protests over the high cost of living in Israel, Kadima on Sunday put forth a bill calling on the 2012 budget to be canceled.
The proposed legislation, an initiative of Kadima leader Tzipi Livni and the faction's chairperson Dalia Itzik, calls on the government to forge a new budget that takes into account new national priorities. Kadima stated that the passage of a bi-annual budget in 2010 was in opposition to the state's basic economic law.
"Today it is clear to everyone that cosmetic changes are not enough," Livni said in a statement. She added that a new budget should be created that will "provide a solution to the economic and social crises in Israel."
Kadima said that the "bi-annual budget put forth by the Netanyahu government consists of erroneous and distorted priorities which brought Israel to the biggest social and economic breach in its history. Because the budget for 2012 was already approved by the Knesset, the same distorted priorities, if they are not fundamentally changed, are expected to continue in 2012."