Kadima MK to participate in EU human trafficking conference

Knesset Subcommittee to Battle Trafficking of Women chairwoman Orit Zuarets (Kadima) plans to participate in the Parliamentarians Against Human Trafficking Conference in London on Tuesday.
Zuarets was invited to the conference by Human Trafficking Foundation founder Anthony Steen. She plans to fly to the UK on Monday, where she will lecture on legislation, enforcement and prevention of human trafficking in Israel.
"The State of Israel is the only Middle Easter country that has fought human trafficking in the last decade on all fronts – passing laws, enforcing them, prevention and taking care of victims," the Kadima MK explained. "Israel is one of the only countries in the world where the government fully funds shelters for victims of trafficking and helps rehabilitate them."
This year, Zuarets recounted, the US State Department commended Israel for drastically decreasing human trafficking.
"I am proud to present European Union states with Israel's accomplishments in this area, and I am happy to share our experience and hope to learn from others," she said.