Kadima staying independent - for now

Kadima will remain an independent party for the foreseeable future and not merge with another faction in the Knesset, sources in the party said Monday, following reports that a merger was being sought by both Likud Beytenu and Yesh Atid.
The two mandates Kadima won when it narrowly passed the electoral threshold in last Tuesday's election could give a big boost to either Likud Beytenu or Yesh Atid. Likud Beytenu would grow from 31 to 33 seats and solidify the ruling party.
Yesh Atid could rise from 19 seats to 21, more than the Likud's 20 MKs among the 31 in the joint Likud Beytenu faction. If Likud and Yisrael Beytenu break up, Yesh Atid could already become the largest faction in its first term.
"A lot of trial balloons have been floated lately," a Kadima official said. "But our party's future will not be decided soon."