Koran etched in Saddam Hussein's blood problematic for Iraq

A Koran etched in the blood of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has been hidden away in a vault in a Baghdad mosque for the past three years, reported the British newspaper the Guardian on Tuesday.
According to the report, over the course of two years Saddam Hussein sat regularly with a nurse and Islamic calligrapher to transcribe the Koran in his blood.
Since the fall of Baghdad almost eight years ago the Koran has remained mostly out of sight, along with other artifacts of the ousted dictator.  The current government does not know what to do with it. 
The reason for this, cites the Guardian, is that on the one hand the newly created Shia-led regime is very sensitive to the re-emergence of symbols that might glorify  the former Ba'athist regime and serve as an icon for the remaining loyal supporters.  On the other hand the Sunnis themselves are fearful of retribution if they reveal this version of the Koran which some would view as sacrilegious, cites the report.