Kyrgyzstan's deposed president flies to Kazakhstan

TEYIT, Kyrgyzstan — The deposed president of Kyrgyzstan left the country Thursday for neighboring Kazakhstan, allaying fears of new violence in the Central Asian nation that hosts a key U.S. military base backing the war in Afghanistan.
Kazakhstan, which currently chairs the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, called Bakiyev's move an "important step toward stabilization of situation."
Bakiyev's departure follows the provisional government's warning that he should either quickly leave the country or face a trial.
Bakiyev had said earlier he would be willing to resign if security guarantees were given to him and close relatives. The interim authorities have offered him such guarantees but refused them for his family. Bakiyev's opponents have blamed him and his family for last week's violence but also for widespread corruption.
Bakiyev's departure raised a hope for a quick settlement of the crisis in the impoverished ex-Soviet nation hosting a key U.S. air base at the capital's airport.
The Manas base has resumed full operations, the U.S. Embassy said in a statement Thursday. "Refueling operations continue as usual, and the transit of troops has resumed," the embassy said.