Labor party supports limited right to vote abroad

The Labor faction has relaxed its opposition to the bill allowing Israeli citizens residing abroad to vote. It said Wednesday that it would support a limited proposal allowing Israelis to vote as long as they have been abroad for no more than a month.
The bill promoted by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in line with his coalition agreement commitment to Israel Beiteinu, has aroused controversy. Kadima, Habayit Hayehudi and Labor representatives have said the law goes against the Zionist spirit. It is thought the bill may benefit right-wing political parties, if approved.
Deputy Minister Orit Noked, Labor's representative on the committee preparing the bill said, "Our proposal tries to balance the various wishes of the representatives on the committee, and to solve the current situation in which Israelis spending even a very short time abroad are disenfranchised."
The faction's position was sent to the committee's chairman, Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman.