Labor upset Barak wooed activists amid Egypt uproar

Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s decision to meet with 10 Labor Party activists, despite the uprising in Egypt, angered his former party colleagues on Monday.
Barak’s office confirmed that on Sunday night he hosted the activists at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv in an effort to woo them to the new Independence party that he is in the process of creating.
Labor MKs said he should be spending all his time dealing with the challenges posed by the new situation in Egypt and ongoing problems in Lebanon, Iran and the Gaza Strip.
“This is quintessential Barak,” Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon said. “He is so self-centered that even in times of uncertainty and despair, this guy finds time to have a cocktail with hacks in the office of the Defense Ministry, the innersanctum of Israel’s fears. It’s beyond chutzpa. It confirms what people have said, that he is dangerous for our security.”
Barak’s office responded that while the defense minister handles security matters from morning until night, he is also a politician and the head of a new faction who must find time to meet with his constituency.