Lapid: It won't be a tragedy if haredim sit in opposition

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid said Saturday that political parties are sometimes forced to sit in the opposition as part of the "rules of the democratic game," but haredi parties do not seem to understand this.
In a Facebook post, Lapid said that there is a chance that Yesh Atid may be left in the opposition in the next government, and that if that were the case the party would go to the opposition "with our heads held high," and not feel as if someone "hated or was boycotting us."
Lapid said that he did not accept the formula which had become the norm in the country by which haredi parties were part of the ruling coalition whether the government was Left or Right.
"Is it okay to form a government without Likud, Labor, Kadima, Meretz, the Arab parties or without any party, but the haredim always have to be in the government or you will be blamed for boycotting them?" What kind of strange democracy is that?" Lapid asked.
Lapid stated that "it would not be a tragedy" if the haredi parties would sit in the opposition.
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