Lapid: We are far away from having to strike Iran

Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid on Saturday came out against a military strike on Iran, at least in the near future.
"It's true that when the moment of 'bomb or be bombed' arrives, Israel will have to act," Lapid said at a cultural event in Holon. "But we are far from that. Such is the assessment from the Israeli professionals and from the Americans. Acting before you have to is irresponsible." Lapid instead advocated a strategy of sanctions to force Iran to renounce its illicit nuclear program.
Lapid also addressed the current diplomatic stalemate between Israel and the Palestinians. "The massive Israeli tragedy is that every sane and decent person knows how this conflict is going to end," he said. "What we don't know is how much blood will be spilled until [a peace deal.]"