Latest shot in hummus war: Abu Ghosh cooks double Lebanon's record

Latest shot in hummus wa

Israel took the upper hand in a new kind of Mideast conflict on Friday afternoon - one in which bullets were replaced by chickpeas. Using a satellite dish on loan from a nearby broadcast station, cooks in an Arab village near Jerusalem whipped up more than four metric tons of hummus, the chickpea paste that is a staple - and a near-religious obsession - for many in the Middle East. The cooks doubled the previous record for the world's biggest serving of hummus, set in October by cooks in Lebanon. That record broke an earlier Israeli record and briefly put Lebanon ahead. Hundreds of jubilant Israelis, a mix of Arabs and Jews, gathered around the giant dish in the village of Abu Ghosh, many of them dancing as a singer performed an Arabic love song to the beige chickpea paste.