Liberman to Morsy: Peace is not an abstraction, come visit

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Tuesday called on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy to host Israeli representatives, interview with the Israeli media, and visit Israel.
During a speech at a Tel Aviv legal conference, the Foreign Minister, while acknowledging positively Morsy's statement in a Reuters interview that he would abide by all international treaties, said that peace is more than that.
His comments came in response to a Reuters interview Morsy gave Monday saying he would abide by all international treaties, including the 1979 peace treaty with Israel.
"I was happy to hear Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy's talks about Egypt's' commitment to peace with Israel, to the Camp David treaty and the struggle against terrorism," Liberman said. "That is a very important message." But, Liberman continued, anyone talking about peace and security needs to understand that this cannot just be something theoretical and abstract.