Limmud FSU holds fifth annual conference in Moscow

Over 700 Russian-speaking Jews took part in Limmud FSU’s annual conference in Moscow over the weekend, the fifth such event since the Jewish education outfit was founded.
Unlike previous Limmud gatherings which tended to focus on specific topics like Jewish Noble prize winners or Zionist poets, the Jewish education conference this year had no central theme and offered a variety lectures in wide range of subjects.
“As someone who’s been to a couple of Limmud gatherings I can say the energy at this one, like previous ones, melted the waters of the icy river by the resort in Moscow where it was held,” Chaim Chesler, cofounder of Limmud FSU, said.
“Youths who arrived here and paid to be here cannot be explained to those who weren’t in attendance. As someone who’s been involved in Jewish eduction in the FSU since the 1990s this is a significant event.”